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Important Update

As we monitor novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we are committed to supporting students, faculty and staff and ensuring that all students can fulfil their academic requirements as planned.

For registration assistance please contact us by email:

You may contact your academic advisor using their usual email address, and set up advising appointments which will be handled by webex/zoom.

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PALS is an acronym for Physics Active Learning Sessions that aims at improving student understanding of calculus based introductory physics concepts and guiding students toward developing good habits for problem solving that enables critical thinking. These sessions are free and nonobligatory to students enrolled in courses supported by PALS, such as PHYS 2101. Each session is led by an undergraduate physics major that has demonstrated mastery of the material and trained on how to facilitate an active and engaging learning experience.

PALS was proposed by undergraduate physics majors participating in Physics Undergraduate Mentoring Program (PUMP). Learn more about PUMP.

Fall 2017 PALS Active Learning Session Hours and Location

PALS will only be holding these sessions for PHYS 2101 course for this semster.

Leader Name Day Time Location
Austin Sunday 12:30 PM Epic 2230
Monday 9:30 AM Grigg 132
Tuesday 10:00 AM Grigg 131
Thursday 10:00 AM Epic G256
Alex Monday 5:30 PM Grigg 133
Tuesday 3:30 PM Grigg 133
Wednesday 12:30 PM Grigg 132
Thursday 3:30 PM Grigg 133
David Sunday 3:30 PM Epic 2230
Monday 3:30 PM Grigg 132
Wednesday 4:00 PM Grigg 131
Friday 3:30 PM Grigg 132