M. Khizar Bhutta

Adjunct Associate Professor

M. Khizar Bhutta, PhD

Principal Engineer

Global subject Matter Expert

Advanced Materials Leader

Company: Whirlpool Corporation

Department: Global Material Organization.

Location:North America

Dr. Khizar is the Senior Program Manager/ Principal Engineer, leading “advanced materials” group in Materials Organization. He received his PhD from the Center for Optoelectronics and Optical Communication, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, NC. For the last 10 plus years, he has been serving in global high tech. manufacturing industry, beside his role serving as a graduate faculty in various academic institutions. His main area of research is the design and development of new/novel/disruptive electronic materials with focus on micro/nano structures and devices for their product development for emerging commercial applications. His main areas of expertise are nanomaterials and nano-devices for their epi-structures design, advanced device manufacturing, optical light engines design and fabrication for solid state lighting thermal management and packaging, micro & nano structures and devices for high purity Ge radiation detectors, Si/SiGe thin film photovoltaic devices, advanced nanomaterials technology with focus on graphene, carbon nanotubes/nanowires, boron nitrides and related materials for their high tech. manufacturing applications.

For the last many years, Dr. Khizar has been working in close collaboration with various prestigious academic and high tech. manufacturing institutions as listed below.

  1. Center for Optoelectronics & optical Communication, University of North Caroline, NC, USA
  2. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA, USA
  3. J. J. Pickle Micro-Electronics Research Center, Austin, TX, USA
  4. Materials Technology Training Center (CHTM), University of New Mexico, NM, USA
  5. GaN Semiconductor Research group, Kansas State University, KS, USA
  6. Center for Microelectronics, NC-State University, NC, USA
  7. The Manufacturing Technology Training Center(MTTC),University of New Mexico, USA
  8. Center for High Precision Materials (CHTM),University of New Mexico, USA
  9. Center for Precision Metrology, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, NC, USA
  10. Rick Smalley Center for Nanotechnology, Rice University, Houston, TX, USA
  11. University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
  12. Dow Chemicals, USA
  13. 3M manufacturing Company, USA
  14. Sensor Electronics Technology, SC, USA
  15. Polytechnic University of Milan, Milano, Italy